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"...we're spending over six figures on hauling the trash out of here...we decided to get as much (trash) out of the wastestream as possible..."

In an effort to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle, La Costa has installed two industrial compost machines which turn kitchen scraps into a nutrient-rich compost suitable for use on the golf course and in hotel plant and flower beds.

These compost machines turn 182,000 pounds of food scraps generated in the production kitchen per year into a product that ultimately enhances the beauty of our resort. La Costa is one of the first kitchens in San Diego to install the
Ecovim Model 250 Food Waste Decomposition System, which dehydrates food waste to produce a humus-rich soil in approximately 18 hours that is suitable for landscape use.

Each day, approximately 40 pounds of compost is produced and given to the grounds keeping team to use around the property. The food waste is heated to 180° F in a decomposing chamber without the use of enzymes, microbes, fresh water or venting, resulting in zero sewer and landfill impact.
La Costa Resort
Carlsbad, California
Note: The "eCorect" is now known as Ecovim